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The new technology which has the ability to process scrap metal and turn it into high quality usable steel has made the scrap industry boom from past few years. These new technology processes is attracting more and more investors and industrialist.

These industries which process scrap metal throughout world have increased to match the demand from the ever increasing demand from the development. The scrap metal recycling industry is now supported by countries to cover these demands rather to process the steel from natural resources.

The biggest demand of steel is from infrastructure development. With the construction of dams, bridges, roads, residential townships, the steel is base material required. Most of the demand is from developing countries. With the increase and development in infrastructure sector, the demand from automobile industry is also rising for processed steel.
The increase in demand will result in price of the scrap metal and which in return affect the prices of process furnished steel in market. The high or low demand by the scrap recycling industry effect the entire cycle.

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The scrap recovered from demolition of old industry or fabrication work of industries mainly known as industrial scrap and scrap recovered from breaking / dismantling of ships mainly know as ship scrap is in high demand.
The demand of the scrap depends upon the recovery and the size of scrap. Other than this scrap is also recovered from domestic usable material mainly known as domestic metal scrap for recycling or municipal scrap.

Our services include sourcing and supplying of scrap recovered from dismantling / breaking of old industries and ships. The metal scrap is 100% for metal recycling and with the maximum yield and low LOI. For details, kindly do contact us by leaving your details in the comment box below.
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8:22 PM

What's the profit on such large scale metal recycling? I worked for a short while at a Tyburn scrapyard and did the rounds collecting cycles, washing machines and household appliances. We even dismantled a few cars and vans, but I wouldn't have a clue what money there was in shipyard salvage, very interested to know.

2:39 PM

Labdhi Engineering & Co. is an exporter and manufacturer of stainless steel pipe fittings, pipes and special alloys. We are interested in purchasing any kind of surplus re-usable stock you have on offer from time to time.

What's the profit on such large scale metal recycling?Now you can also dispose your useless metals through us and gain Cash for Scrap materials. In case you have a useless car in your home, then there is nothing to worry.

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