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Pooled Cast Iron Skull / Slag


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Pooled Cast Iron Skull / Slag

Cast Iron Skull is available on regular supply basis from Jamshedpur as well as from Bellary. The Pooled cast Iron skull available is with high Carbon content along with high silica content which makes is soft and suitable for casting works.
Most of the traders are purchasing the inferior quality of pooled cast iron skull which is low in yield and smaller is sizes. The reason is that they manually cast these inferior quality pooled skull into bricks of better quality which later are sold to casting industries.

We arrange the supply of both superior which is above 10mm to 2 kg pieces with recovery above 85% and inferior quality of Pooled Cast Iron Skull with recovery below 60%.
The cost of the C.I Skull depends on the recovery / LOI and sizes. Quantity available is minimum 50Mt to 200MT per day and packing is loose break bulk.
For smaller sizes below 5mm, packing in used PP bags is available with extra cost.

Also to be noted that the C.I Skull of some manufacturers are coming with high sulfur content. We take all precaution of not to supply high sulfur content material to our client, then also we request all our valued client to check the material before loading and dispatch.


HMS Scrap in Bulk Shipments


HMS Scrap / Iron Metal Scrap Bulk Shipments

Break Bulk shipment of HMS Scrap is available every month
Quantity available is 30,000Mt to 45,000MT 
Origin : Europe, Russia, South America
First Shipment : with in 45 days from date of operative LC

The scrap is free from any contamination, cast iron, grease, radio active material or dust and is obtained from demolition of factories, vehicles, heavy machinery etc.

Interested clients do contact us.
Prices are in accordance to the prevailing market.

Leave you requirement and contact details in the comment box below

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Scrap 2 (Photo credit: flo_p)

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