Scrap Metal Suppliers and Yard Owners

Stocking and Supply of Scrap Metal

It takes time for collecting / stocking scrap metal in yards. It’s not possible to get huge quantity of heavy meting scrap, rolling scrap metal for recycling at one location.
The yard owner collects the scrap from the local scrap suppliers and stocks them for selling in huge quantity to the scrap metal recycling industries.
For collecting larger volumes of scrap metal, traders and end users mainly depend upon suppliers who have available scrap metal for sale.

In India, mainly the scrap metal is imported in container of 20ft. In containers the scrap metal is easy to handle and transport to desired locations. Most of the steel plants in India are located at interiors parts of the country. But in the past some users also have complaints about quality and quantity of the scrap metal they have received in containers.

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Most of traders and service providers for scrap metals, heavy melting scrap most commonly known as HMS scrap, rolling scrap metals, procure or source the recycling scrap metal either from their know groups or reliable firms or suppliers.

Alternate options are also available for sale and purchase of imported scrap in the country. The containers either are unloaded at local scrap yards or then loaded in buyers trucks and in other case, the container is opened and inspected by purchaser before any buying.

English: Scrap metal yard, Constitution Street...
English: Scrap metal yard, Constitution Street Scrap metal bound for China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The establishment of regular business relation helps to improve business and trust among each other. Without proper knowledge and unknown suppliers without any history can create financial crisis. We provide complete services for sourcing, transporting and stocking (warehousing) for metal scrap for authentic buyers of scrap metal. If you require our services kindly do contact us

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