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Ship Cutting Plate | HMS -1 Metal Scrap

Ship Cutting Scrap

HMS -1 Scrap for Sale 
Available ship cutting scrap mainly plates for sale in bulk.

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We are service providers and are regular suppliers for metal scrap in India. Currently we are supplying ship cutting plates in break bulk from East Coast India. The ships are being cutted in India and cutting and loading is in owners account. The ship plates are available in various sizes like 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 etc. 

Daily supply is around 200 MT to 300 MT The scrap plates are being cutted from old ships which are no more in service.

The supply offer is subjected to purchase order and payment terms. Quantity supplied ex-plot basis and taxes and duties are applicable as actual.Transport to be arranged by metal scrap buyer 

The supply location is near Vizag, and the scrap can be easily transported to nearest factories in south India. It depends on the metal scrap buyer where he requires transporting the scrap metal. Special dimension cutting is also available on demand. 

Total quantity is around 6,000 MT right now. Interested clients do contact us for availability as we maintain regular supply from our various sources.

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Ship Scrap

HMS Scrap available for Sale

Ferrous metal scrap for Sale in India and available on regular daily supply
Location West Coast India, like Mumbai, Bhavnagar , Karnataka etc
The scrap mainly consist of plate cuttings, profile cutting, factory dismantle scrap etc.
The scrap offered is pure ferrous metal scrap and is 100% hms 1-2. No foreign metal impurities involved.

The metal scrap is available on daily supply basis No ready stocks and in case buyer wants to stock, then stocking charges will be extra.
Scrap for sale available in daily basis. Prices can be fixed against authentic purchase orders and payment securities. Available scrap for sale on daily supply terms.

The scrap consist of mainly factory dismantling scrap, heavy vehicle scrap , angle channels etc.
Interested buyer do contact us for price and availability. Transport to be in buyer account or as per actual.

Copper Scrap 99% available

Copper Scrap for Sale

Quality : Cu 99% Copper Scrap Recovered from dismantling We are service providers for supply copper scrap in India. Copper scrap available in lots in India. We offer copper scrap on regular supply terms for interested buyers.

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Offers are available for copper scrap obtained from dismantling of equipments plants and machinery. The scrap is pure metal scrap free from any kind of impurity. Packing available in loose bulk. Interested buyer need to purchase the entire available lot. No partial supply or sales is available. Most of the copper scrap we supply are sourced from owners in India and also offers small lots of imported scrap which importers are interested to sell in open market.

Presently available copper scrap obtained from dismantling of refrigeration systems, air conditioners, etc. Quantity varies as the supplies are available on daily basis against confirmed and guaranteed buying. For financially sounded and authentic buyers, sourcing and supply of copper scrap is available on regular basis subjected to availability. Also available copper wire bundle scrap. Quality and Quantity is final at loading point. Inspection is provided to confirmed buyers and authentic buyer against demand . Transportation to be arranged by buyer. Copper scrap of various quality are available for sale and subjected to unsold. The scrap is sourced from various locations in India. On demand, scrap can be stock for buyers against buying guarantees.

Rated Review : 5/ 5 based on 1 customer reviews

Ship Scrap for Sale | 100% Rolling Metal Scrap

Ship Scrap

Quality : 100 PCT Rolling Scrap

Alang ship dismantling, Ship breaking yards, ship plates, ship pipes, ship metal scrap

Thickness : 4mm to 8mm in various sizes availableThe ship scrap is available at Indian largest ship dismantling yards where the ship cutting is regular going on for recycling.

We are service providers for supply of Ferrous metal Scrap. We offer 100 % rolling scrap obtained from dismantling of ship at ship recycling yards in India. These scraps are available in various sizes and dimensions. Presently available in lots of Plate Cutting, Half moon pipe cuttings, melting scrap, angle / channel scrap and heavy machinery scrap. Clients are invited for inspection before loading of the metal scrap. Metal Scrap Condition: The ship scrap is free from any impurities or radioactive material. The material is selective and categorized are per the thickness and sizes of the metal scrap. Prices also varies according to the thickness of the metal scrap.

Our services includes regular sourcing and supply of
ship scrap from various ship dismantling yards in India. We supply in bulk lots and competitive price than the prevailing market.Minimum order should not be less than 500 MT . Transportation and loading will be in buyers account. Inspection available for authentic buyers.

Check below Slideshow Video on youtube

HMS Scrap | India

Factory in scrap for dismantling

The factory is available for dismantling for removal of ferrous metal scrap in form of angles, channels and pipes / sheets. Almost maximum of the scrap is re- rolling scrap and HMS 1 melting scrap.

Factory Scrap, Ship Scrap, HMS Scrap, India, Rolling Scrap, Melting Scrap, Factory for sale in scrap, Dismantling, Cutting
The factory was manufacturing DRI and was shut down due to insufficient supply of raw material. The owners are interested in dismantling the factory and recover the ferrous metal scrap along with other various metal scrap and running condition machinery. All machinery is in working condition and the plant is not more than 5 years old. Its under single ownership and no litigation or local problem. The factory was constructed by using beams and channels along with pipes and sheets. The snapshot pictures of the factory are available at bottom of this post. Owners are looking for suitable investor or customer who is interested in purchasing the factory in scrap on as it is where it is basis. The payment to be made hundred percent on spot, against ownership transfer. No partial payments will be accepted. Dismantling only allowed once complete financial terms are cleared. Buyer need to conform the interest and purchase of factory before proceeding for inspection. Buyer should read all terms and conditions before requesting for inspection and final discussions.

Interested clients may can get in contact with us for any further details. No copies will be submitted unless client  proves authenticity for purchase. Total quantity available is approx 4000 MT or above which includes everything like the metallic structure, machinery and other non ferrous items. Inventory to be prepared by customers own valuation staff. These factories are located at various location at Karnataka.

Factory Scrap Metal | Dismantling old Factory for Recovery of Scrap Metal

Factory for Dismantling and Recovering Scrap Metal

Old and Sick Factories and Industries are auctioned and sold directly by their owners for dismantling and to collect the valuable scrap metal for recycling. In India, the sale and purchase of old factories / industry for dismantling is a huge business.
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The factory / industry consists of old machinery, tanks, generators, transformers, cranes, weigh machines, chambers, pipes, gurders, angle –channels, panel boards, electric wiring, cables, etc. These all together are dismantled and scrap metal are recovered for recycling. The scrap metal is sorted out as per their demand and requirements like , copper scrap metal, aluminum scrap metal, ferrous scrap metal scrap, cast iron scrap metal etc.

The machinery or equipments which can be reused without dismantling like cranes, weigh bridge, generators, transformers etc are sold as per their present market value and minted money is recovered by the purchaser of the factory.

The sales offer for the old / sick factories are made available either direct through owners or through banks. The valuation along with equipment / item lists is provided to buyers for calculation and negotiation.

Dismantling old / sick factories and recovering scrap metal is a profitable business for all. This brings good margins to the actual owners, facilators, mediators, mandates, traders and actual users, depending, who is the investor.

The metal scrap recovered from dismantling of factories is always cheaper than the market. Further the costing more can be reduced if the machinery available are reusable and has good market value.

We can assist you in sourcing such factories available for dismantling in India. The quantity of recoverable scrap will be between 3000 MT to 25000 MT or above. The quantity and the scrap metal in factory depend according to the manufacturing capacity of the factory.

Check below Slideshow of available factory for dismantling

TMT-End Cutting Scrap | Rolling Scrap

Recycling, Ferrous metal scrap, Iron Metal Scrap, Rail Scrap, ship scrap


      TMT End Cutting Scrap for Sale

TMT Scrap available on first come first serve basis. The scrap is approx 1500MT in quantity and ready for dispatch. Packing available is loose bulk.

Interested buyer does contact us with your authenticity to purchase. Buyer can be direct user or trader.  Authorized agents and mandates are also invited.

The scrap is obtained during resizing of the TMT finished product manufacturing at factory. The TMT scrap is sold by the factory as it is where it is basis. Transport and loading to be arranged by the buyer at his own costs.

Inspection is available to genuine buyers. The price will be according to present prevailing market. No credit will be provided.

Provision for exclusive stocking for the buyer is available against extra charges.

To be noted, the supply is available on monthly. Buyer can stock the material and lift at their own cost on daily basis. Stocking will be charged extra.

The end cutting of the TMT is 100% for recycling and not for reuse. The size is below 1 foot with no standard size. It’s just end cuttings generated during sizing of the finished product.

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