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Factory Scrap Metal | Dismantling old Factory for Recovery of Scrap Metal

Factory for Dismantling and Recovering Scrap Metal

Old and Sick Factories and Industries are auctioned and sold directly by their owners for dismantling and to collect the valuable scrap metal for recycling. In India, the sale and purchase of old factories / industry for dismantling is a huge business.
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The factory / industry consists of old machinery, tanks, generators, transformers, cranes, weigh machines, chambers, pipes, gurders, angle –channels, panel boards, electric wiring, cables, etc. These all together are dismantled and scrap metal are recovered for recycling. The scrap metal is sorted out as per their demand and requirements like , copper scrap metal, aluminum scrap metal, ferrous scrap metal scrap, cast iron scrap metal etc.

The machinery or equipments which can be reused without dismantling like cranes, weigh bridge, generators, transformers etc are sold as per their present market value and minted money is recovered by the purchaser of the factory.

The sales offer for the old / sick factories are made available either direct through owners or through banks. The valuation along with equipment / item lists is provided to buyers for calculation and negotiation.

Dismantling old / sick factories and recovering scrap metal is a profitable business for all. This brings good margins to the actual owners, facilators, mediators, mandates, traders and actual users, depending, who is the investor.

The metal scrap recovered from dismantling of factories is always cheaper than the market. Further the costing more can be reduced if the machinery available are reusable and has good market value.

We can assist you in sourcing such factories available for dismantling in India. The quantity of recoverable scrap will be between 3000 MT to 25000 MT or above. The quantity and the scrap metal in factory depend according to the manufacturing capacity of the factory.

Check below Slideshow of available factory for dismantling

Factory Available for Dismantling, India


Factory for Dismantling at Kottayam, Kerala

Inspection available to Authentic Buyers.

(Was a carbide manufacturing unit, established by British Gov)
Factory cutting Scrap

Factory for dismantling and breaking

Factory Scrap

Factory Available for Dismantling

Factory available for scraping

Factory on Government Land about 11 ½ Acres Land leased from the earlier Travancore Government.

Reason for Closure: High electric charges
Period of Closure: more than 10 Years

Claims and Litigation
1.   Labor Claims:  All settled, few labors are still occupying the quarters in the premises. The confirmation from Labor Commissioner available
2.   Electricity : The KSEB liability one time settled liability of Rs.4.5 Cr is standing which will be cleared once buyer makes the deposit

Kerala Government has offered the support to clear the land. The Government wants to develop the 11 ½ acres land into IT Park. All necessary assistance will be provided from Government to clear the land.

Plant Details:
1.   The plant is adjoining to main Raod (MC road)
2.   The plant is fully constructed on structural beams
3.   Includes Electric furnace, electric installations and other machineries
4.   All structural beams are founded with steel foundations
5.   No side masonry walls for the main plant building

Vehicles (12 Nos)
1.   Eicher Trucks
2.   One Ceilo Car

Scrap Details
1.   M.S. Scrap : 55000 MT
2.   Gear Boxes : 150 MT
3.   Machineries : 800 MT
4.   Cranes : 5 Nos
5.   Electric Control Panels : 30 Nos
6.   Cables of Various Sizes : 5000 M
7.   Copper : 1200 MT
8.   Aluminum : 800 MT
9.   Brass : 40 MT
10.    Welding Set : 5 Nos
11.    Weigh Bridge : 2 Nos
12.    Nitrogen Plant : 1 Nos
13.    Rails : 15 MT
14.    Bucket Conveyor : 70 M
15.    Conveyor : 200 M
16.    Vehicles : 12 Nos
17.    Asbestos Sheets : 50  Loads

Estimated Quantity at the time of Closure: 70,000 MT and above

Besides above there are 2 stores with various imported and indigenous spares and other part, stocked before closure of the factory.


Payment Terms
1.   First Step Advance at the time of signing the contract: Rs. 30 Cr.
2.   Balance payment in 2 steps with 45 days of dismantling

1.   Daily dismantling minimum 200MT
2.   Workers required 30 Nos
3.   Total period of Dismantling 300 days approx
4.   JCB in 2 Nos and Winches in 2 Nos required
5.   Gas Cutter and other cutting equipments required

Approx cost of cutting and removing: Rs. 8 per Kg
Loading Charges to be paid to Local Union

Kottayam factory sold for demolition, dismantling, scrap factory

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